Natural Bodybuilding

-Nick provides informational videos about natural bodybuilding, dieting, training, nutrition, supplementation, training, contest prep, and more...

-10+ years of natural bodybuilding experience

-NPC Natural Kentucky 1st Place Jr Division

-NPC Natural Kentucky 1st Place Novice Division

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-Nick currently holds 8 Powerlifting state records including Strict Curl, and Deadlift, I provide training videos and Powerlifting tips and tricks.

-Competed in 165, 181, 198, and 220lb weight classes and set state records in all 4 weight classes

-Best Strict Curl - 165lbs at 165lbs bodyweight

-Best Deadlift- 525lbs at 170lbs bodyweight


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Educated Pro- Bodybuilding Analysis

-Nick has a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Health Science with a Minor  in Psychology from Northern Kentucky University.

-Nick has 10+ years of bodybuilding experience. Both in training, competing, and attending bodybuilding shows.

-Full commentary and coverage of professional bodybuilding. My pro bodybuilding videos average 100,000+ views each.

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Nick's Strength and Power

My goal with Nick's Strength and Power was originally just to document my fitness journey in the form of videos. I started Nick's Strength and Power in 2012 just messing around with YouTube.

My main base of subscribers started with Natural Bodybuilding enthusiasts. Rather than charging people money for training programs and diets, I give out advice and information for free based on my own experiences. People seem to gravitate towards this free info and appreciate it.

But I expanded my channel to include professional bodybuilding commentary and many of my videos go viral (100,000+ views) within days, some videos get millions within a week.

Now that my channel is getting larger and I'm making a pretty large amount of money each month, my goal is to start a gym called Nick's Strength and Power Gym with the money I make from my channel.

I just love to workout, and if I can help and entertain others while I do it, then that's awesome.

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